Video: Become a Project Bookmark Page Turner Champion. Maybe win my cat!

Become a Page Turner Champion!Throughout April 2013, look out for Page Turner Champions, a group of 30 readers, writers, and publishing professionals who have each gotten behind Project Bookmark Canada to issue a call to action: Be a Champion!

Donate now. You’ll be supporting a national, charitable organization dedicated to placing text from stories and poems in the exact locations in which their scenes were set, to serve as constant reminders that Canada is a nation of storytellers. You’ll also be entered for a chance to win prizes, including my reader-inspired book, Seen Reading.

“For $20 — less than the cost of the average paperback — readers can help us turn the page and write the Bookmark story.”—Miranda Hill, Writer and Founder of Project Bookmark Canada

Visit for more information.

Here’s my personal plea. Now, with more cat!

Thanks for listening. Be seeing you!

Julie Wilson