Put your money on the table and let’s get to business!

Advertising opportunities on Book Madam and/or Seen Reading:

  1. sponsored post (Book Madam OR Seen Reading)
  2. sponsored post (Book Madam AND Seen Reading)
  3. event listing on the Book Madam calendar (for a little extra, I’ll add an event to my calendar to time out with your sponsored post.)

Q: Can I choose which post my ad appears in?
A: No, not in the sense that I have an editorial calendar and you match your ad to my content. That said, I might reach out to you to suggest that you have a title that’s a good fit for something I have on the grill. You can certainly schedule when your ad will appear.

Q: What does an ad in a post look like?
A: At the bottom of each post, I’ll note that the post was sponsored by [insert your name here] along with a simple image, your catchy copy and a link out to wherever you’d like my visitors to land.

Q: Why don’t you have banner advertising? I have all these pretty pre-made banners ready to go.
A: Visitors can choose to subscribe to my updates via feed or email rendering banner advertising on the site itself all but purposeless. If you want to reach my visitors, your best bet is to advertise in individual posts, which are also pushed out to Twitter and Facebook. That’s bang for your bucks!

Q: Would you run a banner if I, say, wanted to be your official sponsor?
A: Hells, yeah. But I’m not looking for an official sponsor while Seen Reading is in it’s initial publication season. That said, contact me if you’d like to talk future possibilities.

Q: Do you barter?
A: I sure do! If you have a service that contributes to my emotional, physical and mental well-being, let’s work something out. (Cafes, restaurants, RMTs, designers, caterers need apply!)

For all queries, questions and quandaries, quontact (?) me at and I’ll send you a rate card.