Will It Stick?

I try on ideas for size, unique and slightly subversive ways in which to attract visitors to a place where they can self-identify as readers, storytellers, lateral thinkers and [insert niche group here].

As much as I love coming up with ideas, with the exception of Seen Reading, I tend to move on to the next idea … then the next. Rather than give up on those ideas altogether, I simply came up with a new one!

Starting fresh with the knowledge that I’m not going to stop thinking any time soon, I’ve constructed a way to incorporate that process into a community activity called Will It Stick?, where you and I, together, determine which ideas have legs and which ideas fall flat.

Think of Will It Stick as a self-imposed Dragon’s Den. If I’m certain an idea has potential, I’ll audition it for six posts, during which you’re all invited to participate in the discussion. It might not even resemble itself by the end: that’s part of the excitement. After six posts, we’ll ask, Will It Stick? If yes, it goes into development as a regular feature on BookMadam.com or SeenReading.com (or elsewhere altogether). If no, we archive the idea. All ideas have their time. Rather than trash them, we’ll simply set them aside.

Will It Stick already contains past projects that, in their time, spanned anywhere from a few posts to a few months and included such groupings as music lovers (#djbookmadam), animal lovers (If Pets Had Author Photos), foodies (Writers Reading Recipes) and armchair academics (Reliable Experts). Learn more about those projects, and ongoing brainstorms, by visiting the Will It Stick category.