A manual in how to daydream. Cityline profiles Seen Reading.

This is one of my favourite interviews to date, courtesy of Cityline.

Suzanne Gardner, the article’s writer, is an inquisitive woman, very familiar with Seen Reading’s routes as an online project. She’s also worked in publishing, and has a keen understanding of the challenges publishers and authors face once their book is out in the wild, possibly never to be heard from again. Or seen.

Thanks for a great chat, Suzanne!

From “She’ll Be Seeing You: Julie Wilson Catalogues Readers and Stories In Seen Reading”:

Wilson thinks that the stories in the collection relay a tone of transience, as she tried to pick pieces that spoke most to this idea of motion and that the reader has “been dropped into something that was neither a beginning, a middle or an end of a larger story,” explains Wilson. “In that sense, it can be used as a manual. If you’re a writer and you want to tack on the beginning of the story, tack on the end of the story. If you’re a reader, same deal. If this reminds you of something, you tell the rest of the story. It’s a manual in how to daydream.”

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