Jaime Woo of Gamercamp on the Function of Play

Jaime Woo is the co-founder and co-organizer of Gamercamp, an annual festival in Toronto celebrating the art, playfulness, and creativity of games.

Woo has been featured on, in, or at CBC Radio, InnerSPACE, Electric Playground, The Financial Post, The Globe and Mail, Metroxtra!, Fab, and The A.V. Club.

I’ve been interested of late in the role of games and play in our daily lives, as well as how to arrive at a shared language between youth and adults in conversations of appropriate use and moderation. Woo makes the point that it’s because we believe games don’t offer a productive goal that we’re quick to call a child “addicted” to play. Woo encourages us to look closer at games for evidence of skill-building, and offers a few suggestions for games and books to encourage your child/teen toward design.

Enjoy our chat!

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