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This space will change often because Julie can’t make up her minds.

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Short Bio:

Julie Wilson, aka BookMadamJulie Wilson is The Book Madam, a self-professed “professional publishing fan” living in Toronto and working in media and publishing. She’s the past Online Marketing Manager for House of Anansi Press, past Host of the CBC Book Club, and present host of Her writing has appeared in or at: The National Post, The Globe and Mail,, Taddle Creek, Maisonneuve. The online component of Seen Reading as been featured on or at: CBC (“Here and Now,” “Q”), The National Post, The Globe and Mail, Quill & Quire, The Galley Cat, and more.

Long Bio:

Born in England, Julie Wilson relocated to the Niagara Region of Ontario when she was 1 year old. (Clearly, she had help.) Julie has no memory of her time abroad save for home movies, which she later reworked into an experimental film about displacement in personal narratives, marked with such notable 90′s traits as a layered whispered voice-over and “happy accidents.” She also ruined her favourite shirt during the bleaching process, an “avoidable accident.”

Julie lives and learns.

When Julie was four years old, she stood in her room methodically ironing a paper towel on her toy ironing board. She had a thought. “What if,” she wondered, and then proceeded to cry. What if I could make myself cry for no reason? An actor was born, they thought, or possibly a director, definitely a writer. After exhausting each incarnation, Julie settled on Voyeur, her navel-gazing curiosity turning outward in the guise of a publishing professional deeply invested in bearing witness to the reading habits of her fellow Torontonians. Of particular interest are those people who read in full view of others—on transit and in cafes, on park benches and in doctors’ offices—with no concept as to what synapses might fire in the next moment as their eyes scan a string of text never encountered, eliciting an emotional, possibly physical, response. was born, along with the secondary persona of Collector and a desire to catalogue select sightings along with a creative response to each encounter. So, perhaps a Writer, after all.

For more background and history on, Seen Reading as a book, and Julie’s process, download the Seen Reading Reading Guide here.


While Julie likes to watch, she isn’t a creep. She practices an ethic, never intruding upon another’s private space save for a quick glimpse over the reader’s shoulder to capture the book’s page number. She really does think that reading looks good on you, and that you should be immortalized for your investment in the cultural sector.


Julie’s an above average beat-keeper and a far below average beekeeper. She likes to cook barefoot, but is rarely without slippers because her feet cramp up. She enjoys wandering, a good tequila, and at some point, she forgot she wasn’t writing an online dating profile, but will leave you with this: She owns Spaceballs on VHS.

Photo and book cover downloads

Julie Wilson

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Photo credit: Derek Wuenschirs

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Photo credit: Derek Wuenschirs

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Photo credit: Derek Wuenschirs

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