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May 2, 2012

Julie Wilson’s Love Letter to Readers
Seen Reading, based on the blog of the same name, is a collection of micro-fiction that captures the imaginary world created by readers while in transit with their books.
by Jaime Woo

Julie Wilson, author of the new book Seen Reading, is funny, articulate, and self-deprecating. She has a fondness for both witty anecdotes and bathroom humour: an ideal cocktail party guest or, you might think, a good person to sit beside on a long commute. In transit however, Wilson—a self-described literary voyeur—is more likely to be peering over someone’s shoulder and scribbling into her notebook than chatting up a fellow passenger.

Read the complete article here.

April 14, 2012
All in a Weekend
CBC Radio

While taking part in the imagiNation literary festival in Quebec City, Julie Wilson also took time to talk to Sonali Karnick of All in a Weekend Montreal about challenges for new authors. Listen to the interview here.

April 9, 2012

Julie Wilson , Seen Reading - photo by Nick Kozak for The Toronto StarBlogs, microfiction and literary voyeurism: Julie Wilson’s strange obsessions
by Greg Quill
Toronto Star

There are times when Julie Wilson’s strange obsession gets the better of her.

When the newly minted Toronto author closed in on her prey on the subway one time, looking for clues to the woman’s deep fascination with the book she was reading, the Toronto blogger and self-confessed “literary voyeur” found herself over the line. Read the complete article here.

Photo by Nick Kozak for The Toronto Star

April 2, 2012
Metro Morning
CBC Radio

Julie Wilson talks to Metro Morning host Matt Galloway about literary voyeurism, the inspiration for her book and ongoing project Seen Reading.

March 23, 2012
The Dirty Dozen, with Julie Wilson
by Grace

Gal-about-town and indefatigable publishing maven Julie Wilson (also know as the Book Madam) is the author of Seen Reading (Freehand Books). Seen Reading is a collection of microfictions inspired by Julie’s blog of the same name, a project of literary voyeurism that saw Julie inspired by those she saw reading in public.

March, 2012
What’s ‘Seen Reading’? Julie Wilson Explains
The Savvy Reader

Seen Reading started as an online project dedicated to a practice I call “literary voyeurism.” I like to people watch, but I particularly like to watch people who read in public. Nowhere does this happen more than on public transit, where both reader and voyeur are captive for a few minutes. I’m a publishing professional, so I’m also keen to note what readers are reading so I can report back to authors and publishers.