Julie Wilson on CBC’s All in a Weekend

Sockibus microphonicus: All in a Weekend (CBC), April 14, 2012.

I had a lovely conversation with Sonali Karnick for today’s episode of All in a Weekend (CBC). The piece runs about 9 minutes, so hit the loo and grab a cuppa. Listen at CBC.ca.

I’m in Quebec City for the ImagiNation Writers’ Festival to promote Seen Reading and to talk about publishing as art, commerce — and one heck of a long slog — alongside Miguel Syjuco.

My time here has been spent buying more books than food, marveling at the architecture, double-fisting croissants and facing the harsh reality that eight years of French studies has all but been forgotten.

Tiny doughnuts from Les Delices de l'Erable, Old Quebec.

Tiny doughnuts from Les Delices de l'Erable, Old Quebec.

One item of note:

I’d just like to put down somewhere that I didn’t get the tiny, microwaved doughnuts drowned in maple syrup at Les Delices de l’Erable (.75/doughnut for four) because I’m a tourist; I just can’t pass up a tiny doughnut. They’re like little orphans. They feel loved in my belly!

Look at the sunny, happy, tiny doughnuts — the tiny, cakey doughnuts that took a full twenty-four hours to fully expire. Other things in my belly include salami, dried mango and wheat beer. Wait, I had some almonds! Unsalted! Tragedy avoided.

Seen Reading on CBC’s Metro Morning

Tune into CBC’s “Metro Morning,” Monday, April 2 to hear my interview with host Matt Galloway.

Matt interviewed me for “Here and Now” only a month after Seen Reading began as a blog and has been a kind supporter ever since.

And, I have to say, I really do love a good mic sock. So soft and cushiony; just like talking into a Twinkie.