Will It Stick?

Here are some my favourite, famous/infamous past Will It Stick? projects.


DJ Book Madam started out as nothing more than a desire to keep my fellow publishing cohorts company every Friday morning during the summer season by streaming thematic playlists each Friday morning. I posted the channel to Twitter and Facebook, and soon others jumped on the bandwagon to request songs using the hashtag #djbookmadam. Before long, the average “show” ran anywhere from 1-2 hours.

Frequency: weekly
Lifetime: many months
Interest level: high
Niche group: music lovers
Biggest challenge: maintenance (only so many hours in the day)

If Pets Had Author Photos

I like to take pictures of my cat. On occasion, he strikes a pose as if sitting for an author photo, something about the way he cocks his head or places his paws. Other times, it was something about the lighting or scene that might remind me of The Obscured Ageless Author Photo, or The “I Was Up Too Late at an Appearance but Promised to Sit for an Interview with a Local Newspaper” Photo. Or, The Hands Under Chin Author Photo. Or, The Only Author Photo Said Author Will Ever, Ever, Ever Use because It Can’t Get Any Better Than This Photo.

Frequency: one-time batch post of six images
Lifetime: one-time batch post of six images
Interest level: very high
Niche group: animal lovers
Biggest challenge: new contributors

Writers Reading Recipes

Food writing is a craft unto itself. Food is a craft unto itself. Recipes can read like poetry. Writers like to characterize text. Add ‘em up, and you have Writers Reading Recipes. The results were charming, hilarious and always mouth-watering.

Contributors to Writers Reading Recipes included:

Brian Francis
Kristen Den Hartog
Alison Pick
Trevor Cole
Iain Reid
Teri Vlassopoulos
Sarah Leavitt
Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer
Kim Moritsugu
Darcie Friesen Hossack

Frequency: weekly
Lifetime: six weeks
Interest level: very high
Niche group: foodies and writers
Biggest challenge: new contributors

Reliable Experts

Reliable Experts was a short-lived but deeply-loved short essay series in which authors talked about topics they’d unwittingly become experts in as the result of having done research for a book. It was up to the reader to determine if the information was factually reliable or otherwise. It stemmed from an interview I saw when Matt Damon appeared on The Oprah Winfrey show around the premiere of The Talented Mr. Ripley. Oprah congratulated Damon on transforming himself into an accomplished pianist for the film, to which he responded that he’d only learned one piece of music for a scene.

Contributions to Reliable Experts included:

Claire Cameron on line painting (The Line Painter)
Carolyn Black on disavowing expertise (The Odious Child)
Julie Booker on gummy bear sex (Up, Up, Up)

Frequency: weekly
Lifetime: three weeks
Interest level: medium
Niche group: armchair academics
Biggest challenge: new contributors

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